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Sustainable Agriculture An Economist's Perspective by Dr C Ramasamy

Date & Time

19th May 2022

3:00 PM


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Presenter :

Dr. C. Ramasamy

Distinguished Agricultural Economist & Former Vice Chancellor of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore.

Journey Towards Strengthening Sustainability in Indian Agriculture: The Road Blocks and Transformative Solutions

Many stakeholders of India’s agricultural development think that only conserving natural resources and practising organic farming / natural farming contribute to sustainable agriculture. A group of people argue that green revolution technologies such HYVs, chemical fertilisers and organised water distribution resulted in pollution of soil, water and reduced biodiversity culminating in unviable state of agriculture in the country. There is rhetoric that GMOs are not good for food safety and weakens sustainability of Indian agriculture and elsewhere. The proposed talk answers whether the above arguments are true? Further, It will try to prove that the concept of sustainability is much broader and goes beyond the borders of current level of understanding sustainability in Indian agriculture.